My name is Akeena Legall.
I am a writer, brand strategist & publicist.

Congratulations: if you’re here, it means you’ve done something remarkable.

You slayed last quarter, you brought an amazing new product to market, you’ve pioneered a solution to an issue no one thought could be solved. Now you need a visionary, eloquent and strategic communicator to translate your accomplishments into actionable content: from digital strategy, press opportunities and blog articles, all the way through to social media content and marketing. Look no further: I’m the silver tongued content producer ready to make good on your bragging rights.

Need to grow your online audience? Up your engagement? Get the folks that matter talking about your product? Convert your followers into loyal, paying customers? I’ve done it before, and for you, I’ll do it again.

I have seven years’ experience exciting audiences in digital and offline communities through content development and marketing. Underscoring my skills in social media content marketing, research and media relations is a relentless dedication to the craftsmanship of writing: I am a prolific, scrupulous and imaginative writer. I can develop pressers and web copy on tight deadlines over a range of topics. I know what it takes to get you the kind of publicity that makes a difference to your bottom line: work I’ve covered and pitched has been featured on a number of national North American publishers.

My clients have been covered in

Logos: abc, Buzzfeed, CBC, CTV, The Globe & Mail, Netflix, The New York Times, PBS, The Walrus, Wired





Logos, fonts, colours, iconography: these are the building blocks of your business, and are what your customers will see when they dream about you.


Brand Strategy

Great understanding of brand voice and strategic positioning to engage your audience and deliver the customer experience reflective of the passion that drove you to start your business in the first place.


Copy & Content Writing

Well-written and well marketed long form articles, blog posts, ad copy, web content and white-papers to get your story in front of the folks who matter.


Earned Media

Strategic pitching to local publications and relevant, engaged digital communities, with custom media reports on reach, social shares and how coverage has impacted your brand throughout your other media channels.


Custom communication plans and digital strategies that ensure we’re ready to leverage every opportunity to market your success. Oh, and let’s not forget all the magic that makes it happen: a proficiency in AdWords, SEO and Google Analytics. 


Public Relations

Identifying and securing relationships with a customized list of bloggers, press contacts, media partners and influencers built especially to hype you, your team and your business.


Social Media Marketing

Consistent branded content for your social channels and their respective verticals, with diligent account management to keep your followers retained and engaged. Influencer partnerships, strategic paid social media advertisements and narrative, multi-media campaigns to tell the story behind your business.


Web Design & Administration

Translating your passion to an informative online resource to your community: from a brand-aligned user experience to consistent and persuasive web content.